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Untuk menyemarakkan Ragnarok Game Carnival, Tim Ragnarok: Forever Love akan memberikan sebuah update spektakuler yaitu Kachua Diamond Reward ! Doom Axe is great at fighting Earth element monsters. I'm 100% certain it's forced neutral. This ties in nicely with the bonus Agi from the weapon and is the reason I go for a Hybrid CA-Crit build when doing ET runs. Recommended enchant for Doom Axe is Morale because it already has the %atk bonus covered. Main Menu. For pure WoE mechanic? 5% chance to auto cast lvl 10 Cart Attack. Item Info: Vecer Axe [2] (1311) Vecer Axe [2] Sebuah Kapak elegan terhias dengan warna merah. One of my favorite modifiers on this weapon is the +15% dmg to medium. Whip[3] Prontera Army Cap . Cheapest way is to CA an undead, get a priest to aspersio you and compare damage. Base Level 50 Lord Knight, Rune Knight, Paladin, Royal Guard, Whitesmith, Mechanic, Creator, Geneticist If the user's base LUK is 91 or higher, ATK +20. Is heart breaker significantly viable in the upcoming episode(s)? Creeper Bow . Actually, even then. If you're only using them to farm without the need for cards, then this can be disregarded. What is your opinion, I am in doubt between the two. It can only be wielded with both hands. What about the other axes? It has a Skeleton Worker card built in, so this is a plus when going for PvP. Or do we have to test? It is said to make a peculiar sound when swung in battle. Class: One-Handed Axe Attack: 140 Property: Neutral Weight: 150 Weapon Level: 3 Requires Level: 50 Usable By: Lord Knight Jobs, Master Smith Jobs, Paladin Jobs, Biochemist Jobs Atk + 20, if the users base Luk is 90 or higher. Arms Canon will become one of the main farming skills of Mechanics. A common question I get is which weapon to choose for end game. A luxurious axe decorated in red. Looking forward to ep4, Doom Axe will get another bonus Atk with 240 Str, and gains +1% bonus dmg for Arms Canon per refine. 19:33 Your ultimate ragnarok mobile guide for Merchant, Blacksmith, and Whitesmith! It creates wind … 954.368.4943; 754.206.3126 ; 1600 NW, 34th Terrace, Lauderhill, FL if so, does its viability pass not only in PvE? It should also be noted that using Magnum Break (from the Marine Sphere card) is made even more effective because of this interaction. This makes it better to use against high def enemies or for MVPing. This is essentially a built in Skeleton Worker Card. Arms Canon is a MadoGear skill that is essentially a ranged/better Cart Revolution. For each level of Skin Tempering, Fire dmg +12%. If using flame heart (fire converter), do you get the bonus " For each level of Skin Tempering, Fire dmg +12% "? The axe in mass production. Bandana . That said, if you already have that weapon, it will continue to be great even in ep4. Ragnarok Online M:Eternal Love database and resources. At ep 3.5, we get runes to get more patk when using Axes, in ep4, we'll get a skill that gives us 10% ignore def when using Axes. I've only invested in Doom axe all this time, for budget purposes of course, and for the tier upgrade for arm cannon in EP4+. It has a Skeleton Worker card built in, so this is a plus when going for PvP. Made by Blacksmith Guild, it is the counterfeit of the famous Vecer Battle Axe. And.. arm canon os forced neutral, arm Canon Works flame heart + Doom axe? About 80% of the normal monsters in this game are medium size so that's biggest reason I chose this weapon. Please log in or register an account to add your comment. Glow Metal x20. Vecer Axe [1] - The axe in mass production. Also, the minimum requirement for Mammonite is +10 Bloody Axe[2], which costs 100m+ by itself, without the other required gear. Monster ID Monster Name Vecer Axe Drop Chance Monster Level Monster Race Monster Element; 1636: Howard Alt-Eisen : 0.1%: 83: Demi-Human: Level 4 Water Doom Axe is also great for people that already have high amounts of patk because of the %atk modifier. If the user's base DEX is 91 or higher, CRIT +5. Vecer Axe makes it easier to achieve 100% Ignore Def in ep4 so I recommend going for it if you're a boss hunter. It doesn't work with converter that's for sure. I won't be able to change the description of an item permanently. Given the heavy focus on MadoGear, I can't recommend going Crit Smith for a serious build. If we are talking current meta for boss hunting sure, but Doom interacts with mechanic skills ep4, and vecer does not. Look no further, got you covered! Elemental axes? Let's go over the stats of each weapon then their strengths. Black Veil x2000. Vecer Axe [2] A luxurious axe decorated in red. Yes, you need to use either Flame Heart or Magnum Break to trigger the bonus effect. I'm using a Water Axe for HFKA now to save up on converters. Do I need to supply the fire damage directly (using Flame Heart, Magnum Break)? Now that we have a better understanding of what each Axe does, it's time to make recommendations. Again, both weapons are viable end game weapons, it's just easier to do certain things with each one. Made by Blacksmith Guild, it is the counterfeit of the famous Vecer Battle Axe. Guillotine [1] x1. It creates wind with a unique sound when you wave it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Pages in category "Axe" The following 18 pages are in this category, out of 18 total. So description errors must be reported to the specific game provider. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Whip[2] Circlet . Doom Axe is … Doom Slayer [1] II x1. Lastly this is the weapon of choice if you're using Cart Attack. Rante Whip[1] Biretta[1] Tail Whip[2] Wedding Veil . Vecer Axe [2] - A luxurious axe decorated in red. You can test it out yourself if you're skeptical. What's interesting about this weapon is that most people think that it's only meant to be used on Earth element enemies, but the +120% bonus fire damage (with breakthrough Skin Tempering) still works as long as the target enemy is not Water, Fire, Holy or Poison element. Mengakibatkan hembusan angin dengan suara unik ketika mengibaskannya. Ragna0, the first private Ragnarok Online server with Zero mechanism. This guide is my attempt to help you pick. Feel free to ask questions here on the video or on my other social media: Facebook:, Any insight on Bloody Axe when Ep 4 hits? Doom Axe does not have an elemental converter built in. It will be changed on next client file parse. Ketika DEX lebih dari 90, CRI +5. Vecer Axe [2] Vecer Axe [2] Cleaver [0] War Axe [1] Vecer Axe [2] Vecer Axe [2] 2H Axe Type. Unfortunately, Crit Smith isn't as strong as Mecha smith. Doom Axe [1] [Axe] The buster, which devours enough souls, becomes the Doom Axe, gives the bearer more seductive power, and requires more cost. Looking at the total stats, the design for DA is to bring fire damage to incredible heights and to boost Atk by a huge percentage. Weapon Type Evolution 1 Evolution 2 Evolution 3 Evolution 4 Evolution 5 Evolution 6 Evolution 7 Light Epsilon [0] Veteran Axe [1] Bellum Buster [0] Crimson Twohand Axe [2] Two Handed Axe of Vicious Mind [1] 2H Axe Battle Axe … I haven't tested it on a ghost monster yet. Vecer Axe [1] Craft Info. Why my Holy Dagger damage is way higher than using Doom Axe, while people seems to advocating to use Doom Axe? If you're going to use Doom Axe with Knuckle Boost, it will still work but you'll need more pieces to get 100% ignore def than you would have if you used if you got Insight with Vecer. It creates wind with a unique sound when you wave it. Ketika LUK dan DEX lebih dari 90, memberikan serangan tambahan skill 'Mammonite' sebesar 15%. Hypnotic Log x1000. It creates wind with a unique sound when you wave it. La página y foro más completo sobre el RO: guias, base de datos, ... Vecer Axe [2] A luxurious axe decorated in red. Slaughter if I’m not mistaking is for crafters as it increases Luk and Dex. Upgrade Process of Vecer Axe [1] ... Ragnarok Mobile Fansite. Ketika LUK lebih dari 90, ATK +20. We can increase skin tempering to lv 10 with job breakthrough.
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