user = "info"; email = user + '@' + domain; addr = user + '@' + domain VirMus - Risks of spreading SARA-CoV-2 in music-making situations. While the information they shared is important to … Breakout Session: Do We Hallucinate Vowels? Plans for follow-up webinars (on platforms with greater attendee capabilities) are … It will be moderated by Tim Sharp, executive director of ACDA, Catherine Dehoney, president and CEO of Chorus America, Marty Monson, CEO of the Barbershop Harmony Society, and Allen Henderson, executive director of NATS. The three most common problems of this approach will be discussed together with possible solutions. The Barbershop Harmony Society graciously edited the raw video from the webinar into seven digestible sections and those videos are available on the OfficialNATS channel as well as at Privacy Policy | Site Map | Contact Us. Support NATS by shopping online at selected merchants! Job Center. Breakout Session: Stepping on Stage: Casting in the East, Midwest and West, Breakout Session: Making Our Garden Grow, Cultivating 21st-Century Art Song, Breakout Session: You’ve Got a Business, Teaching Singing, Breakout Session: Let's Get Moving! We only have room for 500 attendees for the live webinar,if you are #501 you will get a message the meeting is full. NATS, ACDA, PAMA, Chorus America & Barbershop Harmony Society - What do science and data say about the near-term future of singing. Stay tuned for an announcement soon about a jointly sponsored follow up conversation. Here is a link to the recorded webinar: CLICK HERE. Naunheim, M., Bock, J., … What does medical science tell us about singing and how the virus is spread, and how that might relate to decisions we make? - Body Mapping Activities, Breakout Session: Vocal Health on Broadway & Beyond, Breakout Session: Assessment Tools for Applied Voice Teachers, Breakout Session: Collaborative Coaching with Warren Jones, Publisher Showcase: Imagine Music Together in Your Community, Publisher Showcase: Inside View Press - See What's New, Breakout Session: Musicianship for the Commercial Vocalist, Breakout Session: Voice Care Fact or Fiction, Breakout Session: Reinventing the Female Classical Voice After Menopause, Plenary Session: Choral Singing from the Conductor's Podium, Breakout Session: Ladies of Lyric and Song - Female Composers and Lyricists, Breakout Session: Kinesthesia of Singing - Science in Action, Breakout Session: Sharpening the Saw: High– & Low–Tech Wellness Strategies, Breakout Session: The Art of Being a Great Adjudicator, Publisher Showcase: The Voice Curriculum of The Royal Conservatory, Publisher Showcase: Music from Recent Publications, Publisher Showcase: Songs of Love and Adventure, Breakout Session: Using Vocal Function Exercises, Breakout Session:The Brain, Music and Optimal Performance, Breakout Session: Bringing the Song To Life - It's a Matter of Style, Breakout Session: Habilitating the Injured Singer - a Systematic Approach, Plenary Session: Voice Science with Dr. Robert Bastian (Session I), Plenary Session: Voice Science with Dr. Robert Bastian (Session II), Breakout Session: Comedy in Song - Humorous Art-Songs in English, Breakout Session: Singing Seniors - Restoring the Aging Singer, Breakout Session: Rocking The Traditional Singing Boat, Breakout Session: Big is Beautiful - Support for Large Voices, Breakout Session: Expanding Your Independent Studio, Publisher Showcase: Bold and Brave - Arts Songs for the 21st Century, Publisher Showcase: Online Practice Room for Singers, Teachers, Schools, Chicago 2016 - National Music Theater Competition, Chicago 2016 - National Student Auditions, Pre-Conference Workshop: Collaborative Approach, Tension, Pre-Conference Workshop: Pop-Rock Singers' Performance, Pre-Conference Workshop: Pedagogy of Pedagogy, Breakout Session - Applied Vocal Acoustic Pedagogy, Breakout Session - A Developmental Look at SINGING: It’s Never Too Late or, Breakout Session - Collaborative Pianist Panel Discussion, Breakout Session - Practical Guide for Working with Voice Disorders, Breakout Session - A Career Guide for the Professional Chorister, Publisher Showcase - Broadway Stars Sing Sondheim, Publisher Showcase - New Materials from Inside View Press, Breakout Session - The Performer Within: A Movement-Based Performance Pedag, Breakout Session - Conducting Annual Voice Screenings, Breakout Session - So You Want To Sing Book Series, Breakout Session - Boston Song Composers, Past and Present, Breakout Session - Collaborative Coaching, Publisher Showcase - The Life of a Singing Road Warrior, Breakout Session - Beyond Communication: Using Lyric Diction, Breakout Session - Training “Mr. Within the webinar titled A Conversation: What Do Science and Data Say About the Near Term Future of Singing the expert panelists presented a balanced view of data “as we know it now” which some were prepared to hear and others not. Presented by the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) with American Choral Directors Association (ACDA), Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS), Performing Arts Medical Association (PAMA), and Chorus America. 1 was here. NOTE: A complete recording and all resources from this event are posted, NATS presents A Conversation: What Do Science and Data Say About the Near Term Future of Singing?, Tuesday May 5th at 5pm Eastern, NATS History - National Conventions Gallery, NATS History - Bulletin-Journal Covers Gallery, Past NSA Winners, Finalists and Semifinalists, Joan Frey Boytim Awards for Independent Teachers, Hotel-Transportation - 2019 Winter Workshop, Knoxville 2020 - Advertise - Exhibit -Sponsor, Virtual 2020 - Exhibit, Advertise, Sponsor, Virtual 2020 NSA Competition-Student Sessions, NATS Guest Artist Concert - Blythe-Brewer-Terry, Las Vegas 2018 - NSA Competition-Student Workshops, Pre-Conference Workshop: On Stage at Chicago Lyric Opera, Pre-Conference Workshop: Pop/Rock Vocalism for the Music Theater Singer, Pre-Conference Workshop: Training the Singer and the Teacher. WEBINARS & CONFERENCES. Be a part of an inspiring community of thousands who share your love for the choral arts. Attendees also heard additional research about the opinions our audiences have as to when they are likely to feel comfortable returning to the concert hall. Several national and international performing arts education organizations are combining resources to study the effects of COVID-19 aerosol transmission in performing arts performance settings. NATS Life Insurance webinar How to Protect Yourself and Family From COVID-19 Pandemic Ask Questions and Clarifications on COVID-19 Webinar with Dr. Venkat Minnaganti & Dr. Madhu Korrapati 8:30NL) that will seek to provide information and time for Q & A. If you have a webinar you would like us to add, please email Andrew Trites. The live webinar hosted by NATS will take place on Tuesday May 5th at 5 PM Eastern time. Registration: $125 ACDA members, $205 nonmembers, $55 retired, $15 students for on-demand 8-week series. Is there such a thing as a “safe” choir rehearsal and how might we best protect our chorus members and private voice students? Breakout Session: Why Would I Want to Occlude Anything? 2021 Annual Conference.